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Nepal vs Philippines night

I almost stayed in a bar alone. I went there alone, but happened to meet my Madridista friend Shai and her boyfriend Marqui. That was last Saturday as we watched the friendly match between Nepal and the Philippines. The match was held in Doha, Qatar though.

I’m glad I decided to go. I was having second thoughts because I was tired and feeling awful. Terrible too if I may add. It’s one of those random and rare occasions when I reckoned sulking in a bar. I haven’t actually done that yet. There was just too much going on. But there was also a game. Thought I’d sulk and watch Football at the same time. Glad that it didn’t happen. Just the latter.

My company that night was great. Got to meet a friend again and made a new one. And the Philippines won, 3-0! Would love to meet them again and watch another away game. Come the 26th, when we play against Malaysia. Unless they’re flying to Cebu, because I can’t. Booh! It’s been a while since the last time I’ve been to Cebu.

Wednesday Brooding

I don’t know how to get started with this entry. I don’t even know how and when it exactly started. Nor do I know what to call it. Perhaps, I do know. I’m just short of admitting it.

If I were to trace back, I think it started when I found out about something. It was sort of an unsurprising blow. Still a blow nonetheless. And as I thought ahead, back then, it was “draining,” so to speak.

Then came another, something of the same kind. The previous one hasn’t even been completed in process yet another came. My head feels like swirling right now. It feels terrible.

As I thought about it, since the “second one” followed through, I’ve been wondering if my passion has been spent. Perhaps there still is some left, but the continuous draining events just caught up too much and quite hard to handle given the turn of events and the current situation I am in.

This is no whining for heaven’s sake.

But I am trying to look for that “reason” that kept me going back then. I thought what I had could not be consumed. I thought wrong. But I want it back. I want that relentless energy and passion back.

Going back.. If I were to sum up the feeling I’ve been holding, I’d be pegging ¬†Queen Elsa.

Conceal. Don’t feel. Don’t let them know.

Well, now they know.

Or Mulan. (cue: Reflection)


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Not everyone is going to appreciate a particular work. And as I am not everyone, then it’s no surprise that I appreciated it.

I love how “identity crisis” and “sense of satisfaction” coupled with “careless adventure” as well as “slice of life” were tossed together. And it was in Barcelona. It’s not your typical romantic city, perhaps. but the “art” therein is equally overwhelming.

But then, perhaps it may just be my “twisted” preference.

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